Worgsville and beyond

What happened to Mellock?

This session we wrapped up the quest in the Port of Tarmalune with the defeat of Lekaral to find that he was answering to a higher power. After teleporting back to celebrate and share the news with the parties’ mentor Mellock, the party discovers that he has gone missing. A quick search of his tower reveals that someone ransacked the tower and kidnapped Mellock.
Due to Tert’s alertness the party chased after the shadowy figures up the road to the north to discover that they were massively overpowered by a group called the Netherese. A ransom note was found and stated that the party was to do the Netherese’s bidding in exchange for Mellocks safe return.
The Netherese sent an agent named Iglaxis who relayed what the parties mission is…To enter the ruins of Delhumide deep in Thayan country which is currently overran with undead.

In an attempt to locate Mellock and see if he is ok, the party discovered a ritual book of Detect Object. Raashid proceeds to research and try to alter this ritual to use the rings Mellock gave the party in order to see if they can contact Mellock. The reagents needed for this research are no easy task to find. The list includes: a tongue from a ghoul, the hide of an elephant, the tusk of a fierce orc warrior, and the wing of a griffon.

There has also been reports of someone else stalking the party brought to their attention from the innkeeper at the Worgsville tavern.

Also, there is a book that is missing that Mellock was getting ready to send the party on a mission to retrieve and that he located where the thieves took than book.



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