Worgsville and beyond

Merchant Caravan Guard Duty

Sidequest 03

You hear that a Merchant Caravan that has just rolled into Worgsville came under heavy attack from both orcs and undead and are seeking to hire on a few mercenaries for guard duty for the trek to Phsant that lies a few days down the Golden Way.

The head merchant Damerick hires on both Catharsis and Ripper to escort him safely to Phsant in exchange for 100gp for each day of travel.

First Day of travel resulted in an ambush of Orcs and undead led by an orc necromancer, who put a barricade in the middle of the road. Catharsis quickly anhilated the first stream of undead and orcs while Ripper was busy putting another way of orcs to sleep. Out of no where a couple of skin kites swarmed in on Catharsis to begin slurping down his life essence. After a what seemed like an eternity the duo managed to defeat the ambush and setup camp for the night.

Second Day of travel. The Caravan approached a river crossing to see that the bridge was apparently washed away. Due to Catharsis alertness, the party quickly spotted another ambush setup at the crossing. Ripper initiated the start of the combat with a quick volley of magic that immediately destroyed a skeleton and injured another one. Catharsis quickly charged into the think of battle, while the merchant Damerick hid in some bushes. In the think of battle a pair of Orc archers on the other side of the river let loose with an never ending stream of arrows upon Catharsis. Meanwhile Ripper systematically picked off foes one by one.
Damerick the merchant seeing that his life was in danger as the undead were swarming the duo and threatened to overrun them, let loose with healing powers to help stem the tide. Nearly exhausted both Ripper and Catharsis finally defeated all the foes in the area. Catharsis found a ford nearby where the caravan was able to cross. Shortly thereafter the caravan stopped for the night to camp.

Third Day of travel. Just as the caravan was within sight of the town of Phsant they were ambushed again, this time by bandits. After a heated battle the duo finally fought them off. Seeing that they were just a few miles outside of town they quickened the pace just as they heard a loud screech from in the distance behind them. The caravan however, finally made it into town safely.

As a reward the merchant also gave Catharsis and Ripper the hide of an elephant that he so happened to have.


Where’s the part where ripper runs like a chicken away from his foes… Lol good times!

Merchant Caravan Guard Duty

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