Worgsville and beyond

Tongue of a Ghoul


You hear rumors that there is still a pack of ghouls that are roaming the old Cemetary. Perhaps one will give up a tongue for your list of magical reagents needed to prepare the ritual that Raashid is researching. Catharsis, Lscheppe, Tert, Loganmar, and Ripper were sent out by request from Kamatra Pheonix to put down the pack of ghouls roaming about the old cemetary. Upon reaching the old cemetary ominous clouds blocked out the sun plunging everything into darkness.
Like a beacon of light, Lcheppe pulled out his sunblade pushing back the enveloping darkness. With that Lscheppe brought out all the undead within the cemetary after the party in which the undead kept chanting “Kill the light!”.
Through the epic battle the party was surprised when the killed a corruption corpse only to find out that it exploded in the face of the party badly injuring everyone. After many very tense moments the party finally achieved victory over the undead. The party however did not come in contact with the ghoul pack. The did find some muddy footprints leading down into a tomb that opened up into a dungeon.
The party approached a room with a statue depicting Orcus the Prince of the Undead with many sacrificed children at its feet. The party continued on, in search of the foul presence within the tomb. The rounded another corner to find a door. As they opened the door, they witnessed a sacrifice of an unknown woman surrounded by at least a dozen cult members. The intense battle went of for some time before the party finally achieved victory.
Exhausted the party decided to rest and finish exploring later. They baricaded the door and slept, but were woken up by howls. As the party stirred they witnessed the ghoul pack emerging from behind the statue in the room. The party easily cut down the pack and harvested the needed ghoul tongue for Raashid’s research.
The party then searched the hallway and found many books. They also found a book that belongs to Mellock but is locked by some arcane force that they were not able to break. Also hidden in the books was another ritual book for raise dead. At the end of the hallway the party discovered a portal to some grutesque place where there was a steady stream of people carried by undead, only to be eaten alive by some undead wolves at the base of a throne.
Soon a clawed hand covered the portal and the view with a thick tapestry from the other side.
The party then went back to examine the western half of the dungeon and were nearly killed as their greed got the best of them. They started to loot all the caskets in the room and when they opened the last one to steal the loot it animated all the corpses. With the timely rescue of Lscheppe and Ripper who decided to not loot the party was saved.


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Tongue of a Ghoul

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Tongue of a Ghoul

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