Worgsville and beyond

Tusk of a Fierce Orc Warrior


You need to acquire a tusk from a fierce orc warrior. Rumors have it that there is an orc tribe to the north that has been raiding. Perhaps you can convince them to shed a tusk? Doing so will get you closer to completing your quest for finding all the reagents needed from Raashid’s research. Catharsis on his way to check in on Worgsville’s Innkeepper who has been missing for 2 days, finds that someone dragged her off.
Following the tracks leading north into the woods Catharsis finds a well worn trail. After a skirmish with some spiders Catharsis runs off to avoid becoming a spider meal he licks his wounds and continues on bypassing the spiders. Several hours later Catharsis ambushes an orc patrol.
After shutting down for the night, Catharsis follows the trail to again ambush another orc patrol. Catharsis soon approached the orc encampment where he sneaked about singly taking out sentries and wolves on the outskirts of the encampment. Knocking out one orc sentry and tieing him up. Catharsis systematically searched through the tents until finally discovering the corpse of the innkeeper. Apparentaly the orcs raped and killed the poor innkeeper Milah.
Catharsis then grabbed Milah’s corpse and headed back to town where the news quickly spread. The town came together to donate all the resources they could to help bring Milah the beloved Innkeeper back from the dead.


Good run there Catharsis. You made a bunch of strategic and effective plays that helped you accomplish this quest solo.

Tusk of a Fierce Orc Warrior

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