Worgsville and beyond

Wing of a Griffon


Another item on the list of reagents needed for Raashid’s research calls for a wing of a griffon. You have heard rumors that there are some that habitate in the Thesk Mountains to the south of Wargsville. Perhaps you can acquire a wing.
rough notes will clean up over next few days
spending a day hiking the group comes upon the swamp and decide to make camp
after an uneventful night while packing up camp the party is approached by a group of lizzard men
after an unsuccessful attempt to talk to them by Lren and a failed attemp to imtemidate by Bombata the battle begain
a few seconds and catharsis and avol appear coming to the heros aid surpirsing the lizzardmen
after a long battle the party proves victorious. as ripper comes up the trail the party hears a thunderous scream.
looking around it had appeared skain had vanished.
the group decides it is time to hide as the woodland creatures run pass them
spreading out they hide in all manner of cover as the dragon approachs heading right at ripper.
roaring stomping the heros underfoot the dragon goes on a rampageas he is envoleped in a sphere of darkness
most of the heros run out of the sphere with only bombata left inside
rushing out of the shpere he knocks out lren
turning its gaze back at bombata it crushes him
catharsis stirks the dragon causing its acidic blood to splash on the party
as the dragon was critically injured it turns and takes flight
the group tries to finsh off the wounded creature launching many different attacks at it with tert bringing it down as it begins to head out of sight
exosited from facing lizzard men followed by a dragon the party sets up camp for the night as the swamp starts to turn into plains
the group heads south on the plains
after 2 days of travel the party enters to mountains and begain exploring
as they sightsee they come upon a bridge gaurded by an orge
as the orge charges loganmar insults it. the beast then cryes out for an unseen person
cartharsis ignites his sword and deals a heavy blow to the ogre just as a gryphon desends from the sky behind everyone attacks ripper
cartharsis finshes off the ogre and rushes to rippers aid.
removing the griffen’s wing needed they head back to town


Thanks for updating Josh :)

Wing of a Griffon

I updated the date to reflect yesterdays date (thursday the 18th)

Wing of a Griffon

aw snap, the gryphon was who the ogre was calling… I must have been the last guy to figure that one out…

Wing of a Griffon

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