Worgsville and beyond

Wing of a Griffon

Another item on the list of reagents needed for Raashid’s research calls for a wing of a griffon. You have heard rumors that there are some that habitate in the Thesk Mountains to the south of Wargsville. Perhaps you can acquire a wing.
rough notes will clean up over next few days
spending a day hiking the group comes upon the swamp and decide to make camp
after an uneventful night while packing up camp the party is approached by a group of lizzard men
after an unsuccessful attempt to talk to them by Lren and a failed attemp to imtemidate by Bombata the battle begain
a few seconds and catharsis and avol appear coming to the heros aid surpirsing the lizzardmen
after a long battle the party proves victorious. as ripper comes up the trail the party hears a thunderous scream.
looking around it had appeared skain had vanished.
the group decides it is time to hide as the woodland creatures run pass them
spreading out they hide in all manner of cover as the dragon approachs heading right at ripper.
roaring stomping the heros underfoot the dragon goes on a rampageas he is envoleped in a sphere of darkness
most of the heros run out of the sphere with only bombata left inside
rushing out of the shpere he knocks out lren
turning its gaze back at bombata it crushes him
catharsis stirks the dragon causing its acidic blood to splash on the party
as the dragon was critically injured it turns and takes flight
the group tries to finsh off the wounded creature launching many different attacks at it with tert bringing it down as it begins to head out of sight
exosited from facing lizzard men followed by a dragon the party sets up camp for the night as the swamp starts to turn into plains
the group heads south on the plains
after 2 days of travel the party enters to mountains and begain exploring
as they sightsee they come upon a bridge gaurded by an orge
as the orge charges loganmar insults it. the beast then cryes out for an unseen person
cartharsis ignites his sword and deals a heavy blow to the ogre just as a gryphon desends from the sky behind everyone attacks ripper
cartharsis finshes off the ogre and rushes to rippers aid.
removing the griffen’s wing needed they head back to town

Who's riding into town dead this time?

Today during your routine business in Worgsville you spot a horse with a riding slumped in its saddle wander into town. Who is this rider and what happened?

A Gravely Disturbing Problem

The town populace of Worgsville has seen as increasing number of undead approaching Worgsville. The High Priest of Kelemvor has made it known that he is seeking adventures to investigate the source behind all the undead.

Merchant Caravan Guard Duty
Sidequest 03

You hear that a Merchant Caravan that has just rolled into Worgsville came under heavy attack from both orcs and undead and are seeking to hire on a few mercenaries for guard duty for the trek to Phsant that lies a few days down the Golden Way.

The head merchant Damerick hires on both Catharsis and Ripper to escort him safely to Phsant in exchange for 100gp for each day of travel.

First Day of travel resulted in an ambush of Orcs and undead led by an orc necromancer, who put a barricade in the middle of the road. Catharsis quickly anhilated the first stream of undead and orcs while Ripper was busy putting another way of orcs to sleep. Out of no where a couple of skin kites swarmed in on Catharsis to begin slurping down his life essence. After a what seemed like an eternity the duo managed to defeat the ambush and setup camp for the night.

Second Day of travel. The Caravan approached a river crossing to see that the bridge was apparently washed away. Due to Catharsis alertness, the party quickly spotted another ambush setup at the crossing. Ripper initiated the start of the combat with a quick volley of magic that immediately destroyed a skeleton and injured another one. Catharsis quickly charged into the think of battle, while the merchant Damerick hid in some bushes. In the think of battle a pair of Orc archers on the other side of the river let loose with an never ending stream of arrows upon Catharsis. Meanwhile Ripper systematically picked off foes one by one.
Damerick the merchant seeing that his life was in danger as the undead were swarming the duo and threatened to overrun them, let loose with healing powers to help stem the tide. Nearly exhausted both Ripper and Catharsis finally defeated all the foes in the area. Catharsis found a ford nearby where the caravan was able to cross. Shortly thereafter the caravan stopped for the night to camp.

Third Day of travel. Just as the caravan was within sight of the town of Phsant they were ambushed again, this time by bandits. After a heated battle the duo finally fought them off. Seeing that they were just a few miles outside of town they quickened the pace just as they heard a loud screech from in the distance behind them. The caravan however, finally made it into town safely.

As a reward the merchant also gave Catharsis and Ripper the hide of an elephant that he so happened to have.

Tusk of a Fierce Orc Warrior

You need to acquire a tusk from a fierce orc warrior. Rumors have it that there is an orc tribe to the north that has been raiding. Perhaps you can convince them to shed a tusk? Doing so will get you closer to completing your quest for finding all the reagents needed from Raashid’s research. Catharsis on his way to check in on Worgsville’s Innkeepper who has been missing for 2 days, finds that someone dragged her off.
Following the tracks leading north into the woods Catharsis finds a well worn trail. After a skirmish with some spiders Catharsis runs off to avoid becoming a spider meal he licks his wounds and continues on bypassing the spiders. Several hours later Catharsis ambushes an orc patrol.
After shutting down for the night, Catharsis follows the trail to again ambush another orc patrol. Catharsis soon approached the orc encampment where he sneaked about singly taking out sentries and wolves on the outskirts of the encampment. Knocking out one orc sentry and tieing him up. Catharsis systematically searched through the tents until finally discovering the corpse of the innkeeper. Apparentaly the orcs raped and killed the poor innkeeper Milah.
Catharsis then grabbed Milah’s corpse and headed back to town where the news quickly spread. The town came together to donate all the resources they could to help bring Milah the beloved Innkeeper back from the dead.

Tongue of a Ghoul

You hear rumors that there is still a pack of ghouls that are roaming the old Cemetary. Perhaps one will give up a tongue for your list of magical reagents needed to prepare the ritual that Raashid is researching. Catharsis, Lscheppe, Tert, Loganmar, and Ripper were sent out by request from Kamatra Pheonix to put down the pack of ghouls roaming about the old cemetary. Upon reaching the old cemetary ominous clouds blocked out the sun plunging everything into darkness.
Like a beacon of light, Lcheppe pulled out his sunblade pushing back the enveloping darkness. With that Lscheppe brought out all the undead within the cemetary after the party in which the undead kept chanting “Kill the light!”.
Through the epic battle the party was surprised when the killed a corruption corpse only to find out that it exploded in the face of the party badly injuring everyone. After many very tense moments the party finally achieved victory over the undead. The party however did not come in contact with the ghoul pack. The did find some muddy footprints leading down into a tomb that opened up into a dungeon.
The party approached a room with a statue depicting Orcus the Prince of the Undead with many sacrificed children at its feet. The party continued on, in search of the foul presence within the tomb. The rounded another corner to find a door. As they opened the door, they witnessed a sacrifice of an unknown woman surrounded by at least a dozen cult members. The intense battle went of for some time before the party finally achieved victory.
Exhausted the party decided to rest and finish exploring later. They baricaded the door and slept, but were woken up by howls. As the party stirred they witnessed the ghoul pack emerging from behind the statue in the room. The party easily cut down the pack and harvested the needed ghoul tongue for Raashid’s research.
The party then searched the hallway and found many books. They also found a book that belongs to Mellock but is locked by some arcane force that they were not able to break. Also hidden in the books was another ritual book for raise dead. At the end of the hallway the party discovered a portal to some grutesque place where there was a steady stream of people carried by undead, only to be eaten alive by some undead wolves at the base of a throne.
Soon a clawed hand covered the portal and the view with a thick tapestry from the other side.
The party then went back to examine the western half of the dungeon and were nearly killed as their greed got the best of them. They started to loot all the caskets in the room and when they opened the last one to steal the loot it animated all the corpses. With the timely rescue of Lscheppe and Ripper who decided to not loot the party was saved.

What happened to Mellock?

This session we wrapped up the quest in the Port of Tarmalune with the defeat of Lekaral to find that he was answering to a higher power. After teleporting back to celebrate and share the news with the parties’ mentor Mellock, the party discovers that he has gone missing. A quick search of his tower reveals that someone ransacked the tower and kidnapped Mellock.
Due to Tert’s alertness the party chased after the shadowy figures up the road to the north to discover that they were massively overpowered by a group called the Netherese. A ransom note was found and stated that the party was to do the Netherese’s bidding in exchange for Mellocks safe return.
The Netherese sent an agent named Iglaxis who relayed what the parties mission is…To enter the ruins of Delhumide deep in Thayan country which is currently overran with undead.

In an attempt to locate Mellock and see if he is ok, the party discovered a ritual book of Detect Object. Raashid proceeds to research and try to alter this ritual to use the rings Mellock gave the party in order to see if they can contact Mellock. The reagents needed for this research are no easy task to find. The list includes: a tongue from a ghoul, the hide of an elephant, the tusk of a fierce orc warrior, and the wing of a griffon.

There has also been reports of someone else stalking the party brought to their attention from the innkeeper at the Worgsville tavern.

Also, there is a book that is missing that Mellock was getting ready to send the party on a mission to retrieve and that he located where the thieves took than book.

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