Tag: Worgsville


  • Mellock has gone missing

    This session we wrapped up the quest in the Port of Tarmalune with the defeat of Lekaral to find that he was answering to a higher power. After teleporting back to celebrate and share the news with the parties' mentor Mellock, the party discovers that he …

  • Tongue of a Ghoul

    You hear rumors that there is still a pack of ghouls that are roaming the old Cemetary. Perhaps one will give up a tongue for your list of magical reagents needed to prepare the ritual that Raashid is researching. Catharsis, Lscheppe, Tert, Loganmar, …

  • Tusk of a Fierce Orc Warrior

    You need to acquire a tusk from a fierce orc warrior. Rumors have it that there is an orc tribe to the north that has been raiding. Perhaps you can convince them to shed a tusk? Doing so will get you closer to completing your quest for finding all the …

  • A Gravely Distrubing Problem

    The town populace of Worgsville has seen as increasing number of undead approaching Worgsville. The High Priest of Kelemvor has made it known that he is seeking adventures to investigate the source behind all the undead.

  • Wing of a Griffon

    Another item on the list of reagents needed for Raashid's research calls for a wing of a griffon. You have heard rumors that there are some that habitate in the Thesk Mountains to the south of Wargsville. Perhaps you can acquire a wing. rough notes …

  • Worgsville

    A small town said to of been built on a huge ancient cemetary. The town sits along the golden way several days journey from Phsant to the West. Notable residents: Mellock, Kamatra Pheonix