The list of Dieties includes:

Amaunator The Keeper of the Yellow Sun Lawful Good Greater God

Asmodeus Supreme Master of the Nine Hells Evil Greater God

Bane The Black Lord Evil Greater God

Chauntea The Great Mother Lawful Good Greater Goddess

Corellon First of the Seldarine Good Greater God

Cyric Prince of Lies Chaotic Evil Greater God

Ghaunadaur That Which Lurks Chaotic Evil Greater God

Gruumsh The One-Eyed God Chaotic Evil Greater God

Kelemvor Lord of the Dead Unaligned Greater God

Lolth Queen of the Demonweb Pits Chaotic Evil Greater Goddess

Moradin The Soul Forger Lawful Good Greater God

Oghma The Binder of What Is Known Unaligned Greater God

Selune The Moonmaiden Good Greater God

Shar Mistress of the Night Evil Greater Goddess

Silvanus The Forest Father Unaligned Greater God

Sune The Lady of Love Good Greater Goddess

Tempus The Foehammer Unaligned Greater God

Torm The Loyal Fury Lawful Good Greater God


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